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Marina Poša - mezzosoprano
Julian Wade - piano

Marina Poša mezzosoprano and Julian Wade pianist collaborator are both graduates of the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. After meeting in 2017 they quickly became an inseparable musical team, bringing El Vito! a one woman show to audiences in Queensland and Victoria.


Both artists are very interested in culturally diverse music and in introducing new Classical music to audiences through story telling. Together Julian and Marina are able to impart the essence of the music they perform.

Their repertoire covers a wide range of  music from Brazilian, Croatian and Spanish composers which include Heitor Villa-Lobos, Claudio Santoro, Carmen Sylvia Vieira Vasconcellos, Waldemar Henrique, Manuel De Falla, Joaquin Nìn, Jakov Gotovac, Blagoje Bersa.

Marina and Julian look forward to their future musical collaborations and bringing I am Maria! to audiences. 

Vera Wenkert - Voice Expert
Julia Lewis - Film

There are so many elements to put together when writing a show. For Marina it was essential to begin by working on her voice. And so began Marina's journey with vocal mentor Vera Wenkert. “I was really on the verge of giving up, then I met Vera and everything changed, she’s given me my voice back!”  Marina continues to work regularly with Vera via Skype.


Vera has sung primarily dramatic roles in Opera houses in Europe and now she passes on her experience and her knowledge with her teaching method SonaraVera. Vera is based in Switzerland.

Julia is an artist of integrity and an advocate for women. Since meeting Marina five years ago to help her out with filming excerpts for her show El Vito! their friendship has continued to grow. Julia, always there to support and be involved in Marina's projects and performances. In I am Maria, Julia is busy working in the background perfecting the important visual and audio content making everything "just right!" Keep your eyes peeled, Julia is always there at every show contributing her skills and talent. Photo credit Michelle Gonsal 2017

Jane Long - Digital Artist

Acclaimed photographer and digital artist Jane Long was born in Melbourne, Australia, currently based in Brisbane, Australia. Her work combines photography and photomanipulation to create slightly surreal images that straddle the line between reality and fantasy. When Marina and Jane met in early 2020 Jane loved the idea of a show featuring women's multicultural ancestral voices. This let to a collaboration for the poster shot for I am Maria! See more of Jane's amazing work here!

There are strong Latin American themes during the show and the colours of the music demanded more images for the video collages. Luisana La Polaca is a beautiful Venezuelan Flamenco dancer immediately said yes to Marina when she told her about the theme of her show. Luisana appears in some of the video collages dancing in the background. You can see more of Luisana's work on instagram @lapolacaflamenca

Isabel Balmori - Artist

Swiss based artist and mezzo-soprano Isabel Balmori has contributed images of her beautiful work to I am Maria! much of which feature the feminine aspect. These images are used for the video collages which Marina has created as the background to the songs which will be performed in I am Maria! "Isabel strangely created images that aligned with my needs completely in the creation of this show, it was amazing to find her art!" Marina Poša. You can see more of her incredible work on instagram @isabel.balmori

Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 8.57.58 am.png
Luisana La Polaca - Flamenco Dancer
Elzbieta Petryka -Photographer

Again thanks to Instagram Marina had been an admirer and follower of the Polish photographic artist Elzbieta Petryka. Elzbieta, also appreciated the theme and message of Marina's concept for I am Maria and you will see some of her beautiful images also used in the video collages. See more of her amazing work on Instagram @fotografia.flamenca

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