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I am Maria!

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"Such an incredible show - 'I am Maria' was a wonderful experience. I loved the emotional story, the evoking pictures, the beautiful choice of music performed with such a full, rich voice - so much passion & emotion. You took us on a beautiful journey ." - Yolanda Frylink

"Last night was truly amazing! Your artistry your emotion your incredible work as producer, director - your powerful and sensitive voice with magnificent phrasing - bringing to life the story which needs to be told over and over - the clever integration of your spoken and singing voice with exquisite screen movement and colour, the selection of wonderful songs, appropriate and gorgeous costuming, I could go on and on....." Gloria Jordan, pianist.

"Truly spectacular! A touching voice that gives me goosebumps every time well done and congratulations to both you and Julian Wade!" - Keeyana Lee

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